Anna Khaver

Marketing Specialist


About Anna

“Life is an amazing gift. Tell people you love them as soon as you feel it.”

For Anna life itself is reward enough, from the aromas of freshly brewed coffee or French perfume to conversations with friends. She really is one of those people who enjoys just about everything about her day-to-day life. Her advice for all of us is to remind yourself why you are so lucky to be here, then count up the things that make you happy.

Have you visited over 20 different countries? Anna has. She could entertain you over a glass of wine and regale you with tales about the places and people she has experienced all over the planet. At the moment she is dreaming about an adventure to Italy or India… really anywhere she can collect more encounters with different cultures and landscapes.

Anna has seen enough of the world to adopt a personal goal of changing it for the better, and she understands that the best way to start is by changing herself. There’s always room for improvement.

Movies and TV? Meh. Anna would much rather read a book or talk with a friend. She does have a habit of shooting straight with you, but she also laughs a lot (she can’t help it–  we are exceptionally funny). She’s a valuable asset to our team at UWW as a Marketing Specialist, and loves the wide horizon of opportunity in front of her.

While we’re counting up the things that make us happy, Anna is definitely on our list. We think you’ll add her to yours as well!

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