Bean Reilley | Chief Fun Officer at United WebWorks - United WebWorks


CFO (Chief Fun Officer)


About Bean

Bean is our Chief Fun Officer. Anyone who runs around the office licking everything and demanding belly rubs is either super fun or a human resources nightmare. We decided that promoting him from Office Dog to CFO was justified since his morale-boosting skill set was so good.

Even though he completely neglects our dress code, we don’t mind. And napping is totally allowed as long as we can look at him and go “Awwwww.”

Bean hasn’t quite grasped the English language yet, but we do manage to understand him. His favorite music is a toss-up between sound of a crinkly bag of treats, or the beautiful squish of any kind of food impacting the kitchen floor.

Bean’s positive outlook on life is best expressed by his utter bliss in finding a stinky sock to gnaw upon, and the unparalleled joy in a nice long snuggle on a soft sofa.


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