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March 27, 2017

Buckwalter Veterinary Clinic's website needed resuscitation.

buckwalter logo.pngUnited WebWorks came to the rescue with a custom site tailored to the needs of this hardworking animal hospital in Bluffton, SC. After a series of meetings with the staff at Buckwalter Veterinary Clinic, we presented them with a site plan designed to boost their lead acquisition and improve their ability to edit content from their office without having to go through a third-party developer.


Veterinary Website Design

buckwalter heart.pngA major upgrade they now enjoy is "responsive design," or the ability of all online content to adjust itself to any size screen. As more people rely on their phones to do business, it's imperative that any commercial website have this capability. As soon as one of your competitors adopts this new standard, you're out!

Now Buckwalter Veterinary features a much better interactivity standard on anything with a screen- a computer monitor, tablet, or mobile phone, with text that is a natural size and buttons you can easily tap for more information, location, even booking appointments.

Stuck with an industry-specific web design?

If there are more than two instances of a business in your area, there are 20 marketing companies that will offer to create and host your website on their network (for a fee!). If you Google  "Veterinary website design," you'll see dozens of outfits that will put a couple of pages online for you.

In many cases, they can do it quickly and cheaply, getting you up and running in 3-5 weeks. Most of Buckwalter Veterinary Clinic's competitors have standardized cookie-cutter websites provided by a national industry marketing group.


What they don't tell is that they build every new site from pre-existing templates that limit what you can do. They also look very similar to all your competitors' websites and you lose some of the distinctiveness of your unique practice.

Want a page of photos of actual patients and clients? That'll cost extra money and time. Want fresh content, like customer reviews or helpful hints specific to pet owners in your area? Well, you can choose from this library of "canned" content, and it will take developers a week to complete the change.

Aside from the basics, anything “extra” will add to your monthly bill. You might spend a little less up front, but over the life of the site it may cost more than a custom, marketing-focused site.


buckwalter screenshot.jpgBuckwalter Veterinary Clinic wanted the ability to access their content easily and regularly, without having to share content and instructions to someone in a website mill. We designed an easy-to-use site in 5 weeks and trained the staff to add, edit, remove and replace just about any content they want- whenever they want!

We also enabled better accessibility to their target audience in a couple of ways. Previously, their site buried a standard name-and-phone-number contact form on a single separate page from all the other content. Now, there are highly visible forms on every page for visitors to communicate with the office.

Buckwalter Veterinary leads with their high value on animal health by paying attention to a seemingly small detail- entering your pet’s name (not the owner’s) on the appointment booking form. Giving people an opportunity to respond on every page is a simple best practice for business websites.

Now, instead of relying on their small storefront signage and a just-adequate website, they have virtual global reach, to high quality leads.

Actual customer testimonials from actual clients are sprinkled throughout the site, building trust and giving an additional window into the practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on every page is completed, and will help the office rise to the top when locals search for a vet near them in Bluffton SC or Savannah GA.

Buckwalter Veterinary clinic turned to United WebWorks because they didn't just need a veterinary website design- they were serious about effectively marketing their business online, increasing their leads, bringing in more clients, and getting found by people who need high-quality veterinary services.

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