2019 End-of-Year Investment Guide

We’re looking at the end of a very good year in 2018, and we hope you are too!1_6NX_qezeYeKPmbOcZOhz7w

Like many of our awesome clients, we’re looking at this year’s balance sheet and thinking about the best ways to invest in our success and keep our hard-won earnings away from ol’ Uncle Sam!

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The Latest & Greatest SEO Practices | Tutorial Tuesday Guide

For our latest #TutorialTuesday, Chloe was tasked with scouring the worldwide web to find the latest and greatest SEO practices. But wait - didn’t we talk about 5 Big Changes to SEO not too long ago? Why yes, yes we did. BUT, in the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, there’s always something new to learn and implement. Let’s jump right in.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Are you doing it right?

 Social media has been part of our lives for over 20 years.  Is your business taking advantage of it?

Are You Missing Out On Social Media?

Traditional social media? They are only 25 years old, but yes, there are social media platforms one might refer to as traditional, as in older.  The first social media platform was 1997's Six Degrees. Simple by today’s standards, users could upload photos, add friends, and not much else. By 1999 blogging sites became accessible to the internet novice, introducing the masses to the kinds of ubiquitous social sharing we are accustomed to using today.

The social media giants we are familiar with today are far younger, and new ones are being born all the time. Between 2002 and 2006 many of the platforms we know and love today got their start: Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blogger, Flikr, Twitter among them. With more computers in homes and mobile phones and tablets accessing the internet, social media exploded. 

Astute business marketers saw this new phenomenon as a new way to deliver their message to potential new customers. From Facebook Fan Pages to commercial Twitter accounts, companies small and large have been capitalizing on social media long enough for a mature approach to take shape.

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Merging your Social Media Accounts

Merging your Social Media AccountsNow what? You forgot the password to one of your social media accounts or maybe that new employee duplicated your account when you already had an old one.  Either way, you now ended up with two Facebook pages. Or three Twitters. Or an Instagram for both your downtown and corporate offices.  Looks like you need to merge your accounts.

Having multiple accounts can be a major problem for employees and customers, especially on commonly searched platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram and LinkedIn.  With repetitive or conflicting information online, your customers will end up confused. Your employees may send great reviews or likes to the wrong place.  Having a sharp, high quality presence on social media is imperative and duplicate accounts are a big no-no. But no worries, United WebWorks is here to help.Here's some help on merging your social media accounts or make corrections: 

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The Google+ Breach and You

Copy of Social Media – Untitled Design

There's been a Google+ breach. The tech giant announced in a blog post this week (October 8th, 2018) that they are sunsetting their wildly unpopular consumer version of Google+. While it would normally be a very big  deal to shutter a major social media channel, this was a weird exception. As an NPR reporter said on the radio this week, "The surprising thing wasn't that Google+ suffered a massive data breach, or that Google is shutting it down, it's that it was still around at all."

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