Barbara Braziel Law: A Transformation

From formal to friendly, United WebWorks transforms a website for a local Savannah lawyer. 

website development launch

Websites are more than an information gateway.  They tell the story of your business by speaking to your unique value and setting the bar of professionalism.  When we met with Barbara Braziel, a Savannah bankruptcy lawyer, her website was not evoking feelings of warmth and trust that she needs to work with clients who experience financial struggles. While visitors had accurate information, they often left the site not understanding the extensive experience and non-judgmental consultative process Barbara Braziel’s office provides.

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Eight reasons why you need to fire your web developer

bad web developer

Let’s face it.

Web developers get a bad rap — with unflattering extremes that include socially-challenged nerds living in their mom’s basements or shiny corporate pencil pushers forcing the highest price with the lowest efforts. In a business environment that is saturated with digital marketing professionals, it’s ironic that finding a good web developer can be harder than getting through a Friday work day before a three-day weekend.

So … how can you tell if a web developer is good or bad? Is your head spinning from complicated technical jargon? Are you generally unhappy with your web developer but you’re not sure if you’re overreacting? Here are eight telltale signs that you need to fire your web developer:

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Connected: Chatham Emergency Services gets public

Chatham ES 2

Savannah’s Southside Fire/EMS recently had an emergency of its own. Not quite a structure fire, but a big problem nonetheless. Their website was not keeping up with the growing demands for connections to the public they serve.

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Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Doesn't Fail in 2018

business failureFor a successful marketing strategy, your efforts should be focused on satisfying your customers. The only way you can succeed at this is by getting to learn their needs, preferences, buying behavior and online trends. Understanding the
your competitors are using to keep their clientele base growing, happy and full of expectations is also critical.
The following are some things you can do to achieve business growth.

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Remote Technology’s Website Makeover!


Many small to medium enterprises get along fairly well with brochures and personal referrals- essentially word of mouth marketing; but there are a couple of giant holes in that strategy in the long term.

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