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About Brian

Picture Ernest Hemingway aggressively scribbling on a legal pad atop a low camp table under a dusky East African sky. Or Emily Dickinson carefully inscribing her slanted quill pen script under the yellow glow of a proper oil lamp. Or Mark Twain seated in his favorite front porch rocking chair, legs crossed, cigar dangling, lost in thought while editing another brilliant manuscript.

That’s nothing like what our Content Specialist does. He’s more likely to be hunched over a laptop at Starbucks slurping coffee and preparing a blog along with all the proper keywords and metatags. Between being a Man-mom to his kids, volunteering for a local ESL class and keeping an eye on his aging parents-in-law, Brian Chilcote manages to slip in a few hours every week to create and edit content for United WebWorks and her clients.

Staying on top of changes to Google’s search algorithms and marketing content best practices is not a luxury in a competitive business climate. Our marketing team takes pride in a results-based approach for our clients who now expect their online presence to generate leads. Your website will not perform like it should without a great user experience, truly helpful written and graphic material- all optimized to be search engine friendly. 

Besides Google’s secrets, Brian has a lot of other enigmatic interests. Some might call them quirky, actually, but he doesn’t think so. Ever since his youngest started playing soccer at the age of eight, He’s been a loyal fan of women’s soccer; his favorite professional team are the mighty Portland Thorns.

Wait, Portland? Oregon?

Yes. Brian grew up in the Great Northwest, went to college at the University of Oregon and after quite a few adventures ended up in a suburb of Philadelphia. He still craves Tillamook Cheese, Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout, drizzle and really tall trees.

The last time he was in Savannah, Brian wedged himself into his wood kayak and spent some time communing with nature on Lazaretto Creek. Because he’s based in Pennsylvania, he doesn’t get to hang out much with the gang in the United WebWorks office, but thanks to Google Hangouts, he does get to meet with the Marketing Team regularly to catch up. Ain’t technology grand? 

Another quirky interest of Brian’s is good writing . Not a lot of people read philosophy for fun, but he likes it. He agrees that everything is probably just “footnotes to Plato.” Among his favorite authors (besides Plato) are Ivan Doig, Patrick O’Brian, and of course the peerless Mark Twain who famously said, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” 

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