Briana Cousins

Director of Details

Briana Cousins

About Briana

One of Briana’s biggest goals in life is to travel, and she did so all the way from Colorado to Savannah. (We knew she wasn’t from the south when we found out her favorite drink is unsweetened tea.) Her and her high school sweetheart packed their bags after hearing the news that he was being transferred here for his military services. 

 While it might not be as beautiful and luxurious as Bora Bora, we are glad to know that Briana landed here at United Webworks. As our Director of Details, she makes the day to day life in the office a little less stressful. From answering phones to helping build a website, Briana does it all!

 Briana’s bubbly and ready to learn personality makes it easy to believe her when she says her best asset is her passion for being there for others.  

 When out of the office, you can find her cuddled up on her couch with her husband and beloved German Shepherd, Ace, watching either One Tree Hill or Friends. She could also be pestering her husband about getting more dogs. 

 After she graduates college in May, she hopes to check more things off her bucket list like holding a sloth or learning sign language. 

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