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Then there was that time when Chloe Swope pried herself away from gazing at photos of puppies on Instagram and sent in her application to work as a marketing specialist at United WebWorks. Regrets? None, according to her. Her affinity for puppies fits right in, especially since we have an actual dog on staff (see Bean, Our Chief Fun Officer).

Did you know she is an award-winner? Chloe's baking skills have garnered her exalted status in our office; she could totally represent in any major Bake-Off. She also won an #IKEAstyle competition on her favorite puppy-viewing channel, Instagram.

For a person who spends a lot of time working with a computer, she loves all things paper: postcards, wrapping paper, maps, magazines, books… you really should have a look at her Pinterest page.

Chloe is not a fan of horror movies, too much milk in her coffee, scientific jibber-jabber, neglect of turn signals, and narwhals. It's not that she dislikes the noble narwhal, they're just weird and not snuggly like puppies.

Other interesting things to know about Chloe (did we mention her baking skills?): Her dream vacation includes a trip to Finland to view the northern lights from inside a frost-free glass igloo. And a side trip to Disney World on the way home.

When we need someone to handle a Google AdWords account or plan social media campaigns or add marketing capabilities to a website, it lands on Chloe's task list. She always gets it done on time, complemented by her ever-present positive demeanor. With all of this, plus a marketing degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, you definitely want her on your side when planning an inbound marketing strategy.

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