Delicia Lott

Director of Details


About Delicia

Sit down with a glass of peach sweet tea and talk Food Network with Delicia. Maybe you’ll chat about the weather? If so, you’ll learn that when our Georgia heat is too much, she might drift into a reverie featuring a white sand beach in the Caribbean and a fruity drink with one of those little umbrellas in it. Otherwise, Savannah is just fine with her; working for United WebWorks is even better! We think Bean, our Chief Fun Officer, has a thing for Delicia and the feeling is mutual.

It won’t take long for you to figure out that she’s a straight shooter, as genuine as the sun comes up in the morning. She’s as sweet as the peach tea you’re enjoying, but don’t try to cut any corners on the truth. She’ll let you know that fibbing does not admit you to her good side.

Delicia is happiest when her friends and family are gathered around, so it’s nice that Decie, our production manager reminds her of her sister-in-law.

If she weren’t keeping track of the thousands of details here at United WebWorks, Delicia would probably be in Fiji (on the aforementioned beach), or maybe at the famous Carnival in Brazil or touring the French Riviera. Helping to build a Habitat for Humanity home is also on her someday-I’ll-do-it list, so if you hear of any projects in the south of France, let her know.

When you call our office, it’s usually Delicia’s polite greeting you hear. But she does way more than that for us. As Director of Details, she holds all of us accountable to our task lists and all the other things that need doing around the place.

If there were a Master’s degree in overcoming adversity and making the world a better place, Delicia already has more than one! She does want to earn an actual Master’s degree someday, and we can see no reason why she won’t make it happen.

With or without an MBA, MA or MS, there’s no doubt that we would be in trouble without Delicia on our team.

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