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Where did Julie get her Can-Do attitude? She credits her experience in the fine arts throughout her school years. Participation in instrumental music, chorus and theater gave her confidence, maturity and the ability to render herself hoarse by singing entire musicals on long car trips (keep the arts in the public schools, people).

Julie would say she's changed a lot through the challenges of recent transitions, but she's quite proud of the fact that she has kept a firm grip on her central identity and values. That yes-saying spirit of adventure is stronger than ever, whether its crafting a Maid-of-Honor dress from scratch or deciding to be our Client Advisor.

As our Client Advisor, Julie might be the first person you meet from United WebWorks, and quite possibly the person who helps you with the initial stages of our marketing partnership with you. Her positive attitude paired with her degree in Business Administration and Marketing just about guarantees that you will know exactly what you're getting and why.

Maryland is home for Julie, and Savannah is only her third stop on her grand adventure, with Furman University in Greenville, S.C. intervening. What is it about Savannah and her genteel southern charm, live oaks festooned with Spanish moss, history on every street corner and unique cuisines? Whatever it is, Savannah cast her spell on Julie and now she's one of us.

One of her heroes is Katharine Hepburn because she was a consummate balancer of beauty and suffering, bringing integrity to the frivolity of Hollywood. And making it OK for women to wear trousers! As her other hero says, "Anything can happened if you let it!" No surprise it's Mary Poppins, who also advocated spoonfuls of sugar when times get tough.

As a history buff, Julie doesn't care if it's completely nerdy to read history textbooks at the beach, when we are binge-watching the Kardashians, she is transfixed by that new documentary on the French Revolution while teaching herself how to do needlework or knitting. Seriously. Her hobbies are solidly  old-school.

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