Luke Barnwell

Marketing Specialist


About Luke

As an avid concertgoer, film fanatic, and writer, Luke (or Lucas, depending on who you ask) loves art in all its forms. He’s determined to write the next big indie blockbuster, but he’s a bit of a perfectionist, so it may take him way longer than expected. If you asked what’s his coolest accomplishment to date, he’d show you his first publication ever about cannibals and serial killers (quite a wild combo, we’d say). He’s a local and grew up in Statesboro, Georgia. Despite his family’s best efforts to get him to go to Georgia Southern, Luke opted to be different as he normally does, and instead ended up with a B.A. in English from the University of West Georgia. And yes, he’s a fan of the Oxford comma. 

He’s a big fan of Halloween, sports, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and conspiracy theories. By now, you’ve probably figured out Luke likes to dive into a little of everything. Outside of work, he calls everyone “dude” and is an overall terrible dancer. He’s fine with it though, he’s too carefree to let that bother him. Eventually, he’ll learn how to produce a hit record, but until then, he’s cool with just listening.
He spends the summers trying to camp on the weekends, even though it’s pretty funny to watch him set up a tent. Luckily, Luke won’t be setting up any tents for us, only marketing!

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