Sarah Lancia | United WebWorks

Sarah Lancia | United WebWorks

Sarah Lancia

Marketing Specialist

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United WebWorks
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About Sarah

As an inbound marketing specialist, Sarah helps United WebWorks serve up digital marketing strategies to our awesome clients. Like all of us here at UWW, she loves the work environment in the office. It was an easy transition from the U.S. Army’s Morale Welfare and Recreation department to an office with a Dalmatian running around.

Does it smell like someone arted in here? It was probably Sarah. Her creativity is like that old siren song; so much so that when she needs a respite from marketing, she grabs her art supplies and commences to art uncontrollably. Drawing and graphic design are her faves.

In her future is an art therapy group for military veterans, to help them process the trauma of war. Let's hope that happens in a future not too long from now! It's part of her wish that everyone was kinder and less selfish.

Sarah just might be the smartest person in her family of origin. As one of eight children, she's the sole college graduate. As such, she has a penchant for "The Big Bang Theory" TV show. We all pretend to understand the science jokes even though we know she knows we have no idea what those big science-y words mean.

There are some things she just doesn't understand, though. Mass media news, for one… Well, no one really understands the nuances of corporate-sponsored journalism. Neither is she a fan of public speaking, so don't expect her to wax eloquent at any award shows anytime soon.

Visiting Italy, Machu Picchu and Peru, then settling down in a nice beachfront cottage- these are the things that occupy Sarah's daydreams when she isn't dreaming up cutting-edge marketing services.

With one Snickers Bar devoured and the second one in the 2-to-go pack waiting for later (or not), Sarah is ready for any challenge you can throw at her.

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