Watch Out Legal World! Stone and Sullivan Have a New Website!

June 21, 2017

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Watch out legal world, Patricia Stone and Julia Sullivan have joined forces to take care of business in Savannah, GA!

Meet them on their brand new Stone and Sullivan Website.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to design a site for a brand new business, like Stone and Sullivan. It's nice to start completely fresh and build a web presence that doesn't carry over any baggage or issues from the old one. One of the issues we deal with frequently is dealing with incompetent or grumpy website hosts who either don't care or don't want to hand over all the online assets from a former site.

So we started from scratch with this one. Patricia and Julia met with us to discuss all the possibilities, including leaving room in the design for future expansion and capabilities that will grow with their business.

Stone and Sullivan has a unique blend of practice areas. First on the list is business law as it applies to starting or growing a small business (including establishing a legal identity, mediation and arbitration). They also do estate planning, handle child guardianship matters, and forge agreements between families and educational institutions.

In order to attract new clients, we inserted the exact keywords and phrases that searchers commonly use when they are looking for the services of a law firm like Stone and Sullivan. It takes a bit of research to uncover the ones that search engines will notice as highly relevant to a typed-in search term, and often the best idea is to add a location to a topical keyword, like "Business Planning Savannah GA." That way, the site is flagged as relevant to business planning in general and business planning in Savannah specifically. With a Google+ account, they will appear at the very top of the search return for the phrase, marked on a map of Savannah with contact information and a link to their website.

Attracting new clients through a positive online experience is as essential now as it was to have a Yellow Pages entry 15 years ago. We tell our clients that just about everyone under 75 years of age is now in the habit of interacting with the marketplace through business websites first. It's not just a nice thing to have- without an interesting, well-designed and lead-focused website, you're handing business to your competitors who already have a great website.

So what do you need? Stone and Sullivan wanted control over their site so that they could make adjustments as needed, quickly and simply. No going through a webmaster who charges for every change that finally appears a week after requested. Easy navigation, simple, clean pages- each one with a defined purpose and connections with their social media activity were high on their list, and we delivered.

The plan also included a rollout over time. We first built a simple landing page, and then added more pages as they became available (written by Tricia and Julia). Soon their site will be completely filled in, fully robust and optimized to do most of the lead-gathering for firm.

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