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Logo Design Savannah GA | United WebWorksThe city flag of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been nominated by design expert Roman Mars as one of the worst logos ever. A flag is a logo, fitting nicely into most definitions of the word, like this one from Wikipedia:

"[a] graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization."


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Inlinks Are IN! | Internet Marketing Savannah GA

Internet Marketing Savannah GA | United WebWorksIs Bigfoot (Sasquatch) the missing link? Not according to Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D., the blogger behind “Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion.” No sir, The large forest-dwelling creatures are actually aliens living here as advance scouts, or under some form of exile from their home world.

If we were to discover that there are extant evolutionary links with our ancient ancestors, it would be a remarkable find indeed! Many are the dollars and hours we spend finding links to our past, or dreaming up possible links to our future.

Links are also of utmost importance when you’re concerned with getting found on the internet. The idea of the “hyperlink” was coined by one Ted Nelson in 1965 after reading Vannevar Bush’s 1945 essay about a machine called the Memex which linked microfilm pages in a way that allowed a reader to access related information without having to endlessly scroll back and forth through a roll of microfilm.


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Don't Publish a Website...Until You Read This | Internet Marketing Help

Internet Marketing Savannah GAEver stop to read all the warning labels on your stuff? You'll find some interesting material there, like this one on a popular name-brand hair dryer, "Do not use when sleeping."

Or this on a Heubsch washing machine, "Do not put any person in this washer."

And a quick survey online returns a long list of silly warning labels. The only thing more unbelievable about the crazy warnings is that someone actually tried them at some point.

Here's a not-so-silly warning about your website:

"Think before you invest."

You might already wonder what's more important, the way it's designed or the way it's built. Is web design more important than web development?


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Turning Likes into Leads | Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingThey call it "buzz." When a movie, product, service, or public whatever finds itself the topic du jour around the watercooler, it is said to be generating buzz. These days, Social Media outlets are the tip of the spear when it comes to buzz propagation, with its wildfire speed and exponential growth curve possibilities.

Even though digital technology has given "buzz" a high-octane boost, it still comes down to hundreds of quick decisions: to share or not to share? Sometimes we find the urge to share irresistible. At other times, it's the last thing we would inflict on our social media friends. One way to make an attempt at "viralizing" your social media posts is to crank out huge volumes of them. But that can backfire, as you might imagine. What other ideas are there?


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Internet Marketing 911 | The Unresponsive Website

Internet Marketing Savannah GAIn clinical terms, being unresponsive is bad. It means being unable to speak, move, gesture or otherwise signal any information about anything. Unresponsive websites don’t get the attention like an unconscious ER patient would, they just vegetate in their little corner of the internet.

If you’ve read this headline and find yourself sighing audibly because the thought of having to learn a dictionary full of tech-talk is painful… We hear you. Bear with us for a moment while we make it clear that you actually do need to make your website “responsive” yesterday. Whether you realize it or not, your unresponsive website is repeatedly bypassed because it’s not structured to grab traffic on any web-searching device (translation: smartphones) nor does it feature the intuitive features needed for any size screen, especially the small ones.


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