Domain Name Registration Savannah GA

Ready to give up that cheap sounding “free” domain? May we interest you in one that is no less brilliant than your own name?

Even better, let’s throw in award winning stability, pricing, ease of use, and buckets of extra features! You’ll have the power to truly reach the world from the best domain name registration Savannah GA, and quite possibly the rest of world, has seen to date.

OK that might have been a bit exaggerated, but seriously United WebWorks uses and recommends YourDomainPick for our domain requirements.

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Why your own domain?

What can you do with your own domain?

  • Rest assured that your data is safe because you control the type and scope of security wrapped around your site.

  • Easily communicate a pathway to all the information a customer needs, one that is consistent with your branding and easy to remember

  • Escape the whims of the giant corporations holding the keys to your personal presence online. Who really owns your personal data when you use Google or Facebook to store or share it? Probably not you.

  • Keep your own corner of the internet essentially for life.

  • Prevent someone else from using it for mischievous or malicious purposes. Check out what happened when Chef Guy Fieri failed to register his restaurant’s domain:

  • Chances are that unless you’ve got a very common name or extremely narrow requirements for a domain name, then you can successfully acquire a name that works. Until now, we’ve been fixated on just a domain extension like .com, .org, and .net, but now with the advent of hundreds of new ones, the possibilities are once more almost endless.

Keeping it simple

Dreaming up that killer domain name can be a challenge. Use YourDomainPick’s interactive search tool to try different combinations and permutations of your favorite ideas to arrive at one that isn’t weird or too obscure.

What’s a domain name? It’s simply the most recognizable part of any web address. It’s the part that comes just before the “.com.” Depending on the name you want, it can be quite competitive to grab one that’s perfect. However, most analysts will assure you that an effective, memorable domain name has a big impact on brand recognition and sales.

There are lots of reasons to go with a domain name registrar that is proven, well reviewed, and generally above board. Registrars have popped up like whack-a-moles in the last few years, not all of them reputable. Some of the ill effects include being unable to use your snazzy domain name or having to pay a huge ransom to get it back. Imagine customers finding what they think is your main website only to find a cruddy static page from 1999.

Beware of bad guys

Domain Name Registration from United WebWorks and Your Domain PickThere are even charlatans who actually try to lose your business in order to make a buck. Let’s say you pay a nice low rate for the domain of your choice. You choose the 5-year option and off you go, building a small commercial empire on your new domain. In the meantime, the Registrar actually keeps renewing the name one year at a time, hoping that their hideous customer service drives you off to a competitor, pocketing the remainder of your five-year fee. They count on their victims’ lack of information about the true expiration date which you can always check on the “Whois” database.

Domain name registration in Savannah GA and beyond, just another way United WebWorks is committed to help businesses sell by developing their web presence and, by extension, their reach.

Contact us today, or check out to learn more about finding and registering your own domain.

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