Decie Odom

Vice President of Operations


Decie Odom

About Decie

One of her favorite musicians is Patsy Cline, who apparently had the same difficulty as Decie waking up in the morning. It takes our Production Manager some time to revert back to her human self in the AM., with a little help from our friend Mr. Caffeine. Speaking of wonder tonics, another fave of Decie’s is Diet Pepsi, and we say a hearty “good for her” in a world overwhelmed by Diet Coke drinkers.

Boyz II Men and James Taylor round out her top three song-makers. She’s also fond of Bette Midler, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, but most of all she prizes her daughter Kira, and her husband Tim.  However, if she somehow found herself in possession of that Harry Potter invisibility cloak, Decie would prove her affection by playing subtle pranks on her family so they start believing that they might be losing their grip on reality.

What she doesn’t like? Filling the tank at the gas station. It’s not the cost, she says, but the hassle of stopping to do it. She has been known to put it off a little too long. The best antidote to a fill-up would be a trip to New Orleans French Quarter for a relaxing friend-session, featuring Bloody Marys and people watching. Can you get to NOLA on one tank of gas?

Scary or Sentimental. The Conjuring or West Side Story. Decie has a tendency toward polarization when it comes to movie genres. If there were a movie that make you weep like The Notebook and scream like Halloween, that’s worth the price of admission right there!

As Production Manager, Decie oversees all the projects we have underway for our clients who want their online presence to work for them. As long as we keep a supply of Diet Pepsi in fridge, and the occasional funny cat / laughing baby video on the conference room screen, she just keeps organizing the heck out of all the projects we have going.

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