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It's not just sending a message, it's sending the RIGHT message at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT person - and doing it all automatically!

With an Inbound Marketing solution from United WebWorks, leads get scored and segmented.  You deliver targeted messages to an audience that wants to receive them.

Are your emails cutting the mustard?

Email Marketing is not just about sending messages.  Email marketing should automatically identify and nurture leads, moving them through the buying cycle, until they become your customers.  

Think about your latest email marketing project...

Was it fully targeted to audience segments? Data-driven? Personally relevant? 

Were your subject lines short and sweet, under 50 characters, tested for truncation? Snappy, personal, evocative, persuasive?

Did your email get an "F"? 

The human eye automatically scans in an "F" pattern, meaning that there are zones on every page that readers see first in that critical initial second. Careful placement of your primary message or call to action means the difference between deletion and conversion.

Three Steps to Better your BusinessWas it instantly recognizable as your brand?

Let them know it's you. Link to trusted landing pages all with your logo and taglines prominently displayed. People don't trust messages when they don't know who they're from. 

Did you give a little?

Emails are easy and accepted ways to distribute promotional offers, free trials, coupons, the latest information - things a reader can't resist and can't find anywhere else.

Was it truncation-proof?

Most ISP's or email client programs will redact any pictures that are embedded in an incoming email. Don't make your emails so graphic heavy that your readers can't see what you are trying to say.

Why let email marketing rule over you?

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They are not only an upstanding business, but one with a large philanthropic heart. Their efforts are always genuine. I recommend the United WebWorks team without reservation.

-Karen D., Senior Citizens, Inc.