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About Eric Somerville

These days, I find myself labeled as a Senior Citizen. This is a title I never actively chose. Today, the designation of retiree is thrown my way, but at least I have some say in it. I’ve humorously dubbed myself a retread, embodying the essence of my life’s journey.

With the guidance of Mr. Stephen Covey and his influential book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” I’ve molded my principles. In the midst of a private air flight in 1989, surrounded by passengers absorbed in the in-flight movie. I embarked on a profound exercise prompted by Covey’s book.

Crafting My Personal Mission: PMS and LOVE in Action

From this reflective exercise, my Personal Mission Statement (PMS) took shape: “Profit By Helping Others To Profit, By Helping Others To Profit, By Helping Others, Over and Over, Again and Again.” Simultaneously, I embraced the teachings from the Book of Romans in the Christian Bible.  Not to mention approaching everything with love is likely to yield positive outcomes.

A 40+ Year Career

For over 40 years, I applied PMS and LOVE to my personal and business career, with a focus on Electronics as my business skillset and Communications as my interpersonal skillset. In the early LinkedIn days, the platform requested personal recommendations, yielding responses that surpassed my expectations, filled with generosity and gratitude.

In simpler terms, my 40-year career unfolded primarily in Washington DC and Silicon Valley, California. Serving various US Federal Government departments and agencies as customers, Silicon Valley became the hub for most of my technology suppliers.

Life Beyond Work

Outside of the professional arena, my personal time revolves around cherished moments with family and friends. Basketball remains my enduring passion, a sport I continue to play. I blend my passion with basketball seamlessly with my belief in pursuing activities fueled by passion.

As I join forces with United Web Works for Business Development, my professional career passion finds a new avenue for growth and contribution. The journey continues, driven by the same fervor that has shaped my life and career.

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