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These days some call me a Senior Citizen. I had no say in this. Today some call me a retiree. I have some say in this. I call myself a retread. For the majority of my life, I lived and functioned, as best I can, in accordance with, my personal mission statement. I have total say in this one.

With the help of a Mr. Stephen Covey, who once upon a time ( and yes this does feel a little like a child’s story) for a week, personally trained me, with 10 other business executives. I also read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. I probably need to read it again. A comment somewhere in the middle of his book, was to “read in a private” setting. I felt my next air flight would be sufficiently private. His private section, requested the reader, to write what one would like to have written on their burial tombstone. I did shed some tears thinking about this, and for a moment thought maybe the air flight was not sufficiently private, but with one peek, saw all around me with ear plugs in watch the in flight movie. This was circa 1989.

Out of this I developed my Personal Mission Statement (yes my form of PMS), which goes like this: “Profit, By Helping Others To Profit, By Helping Others To Profit, By Helping Others, Over and Over, Again and Again”. I also learned from the Christian Bible, Book of Romans, that if you do everything from the prospective of LOVE, you are very likely, to be doing things right.

I exercised PMS and LOVE, for a 40+ year personal and business career, that focused primarily on Electronics as my business skillset and, Communications as my interpersonal skillset. In the early days of LinkedIn, when I participated. LinkedIn requested personal recommendations from others, who knew me. I was not expecting much if any. The comments were overwhelmingly generous and filled with appreciation, for what I had done, to positively affect theirs lives.

More simply stated, my 40 year career was performed primarily in Washington DC, and Silicon Valley, California. The US Federal Government, almost all departments and agencies were my customers, and Silicon Valley the home to most of my technology suppliers. My personal time is spent with family and friends. My favorite sport to play, and still do, is basketball. My play is my work, mostly because you should do the things for which you have a passion. I have passion for my primary personal relationships, and for the professional career I selected to pursue. Now as I join forces with United Web Works, for Business Development, my professional career passion continues.

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