A content management system like Joomla! makes separating the roles of content creator and web designer easy and intuitive. Like Drupal and WordPress, Joomla! is web-software written in the PHP programming language. It uses the MySQL database system to store and retrieve content, although knowledge of PHP and MySQL is not required to make your website function.

Joomla! is user-friendly and has a strong community of developers and documentation on the internet. Perhaps the best feature of Joomla! is the vast library of extensions – plugins, templates, modules, components, and languages – that can enhance a website’s look, function, and capabilities. These extensions make adding photo-galleries, sliding banners, and other interactive content easy and manageable for a non-programmer.

Read more below about Joomla!, as well as two other popular content management systems – WordPress and Drupal.

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Unlike WordPress, Joomla! is an enterprise-grade CMS. It can handle a lot more content with a greater degree of efficiency. It does not have as steep of a learning curve as Drupal, and this makes it a good choice for blogs, dynamic websites, and information pages. However, it does not have as powerful of an Access Control List as Drupal does, so your ability to govern which users have the ability to access specific content is a little more limited.

If you would like to know more about how the specific pros and cons relate to your organization, we can help.  If you have an existing Joomla! site that needs updating or customizing, we can help with that too.  Our developers are Joomla! experts and have spent thousands of hours working with the Joomla! platform here in Savannah, GA.  We are your Joomla! resource.

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