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Those who live and work here in Savannah GA know what a tremendous place it is. Advertising for your business is also an advertisement for our city and its environs- that’s one reason why United WebWorks is so committed to our clients, large and small. Marketing your company includes advertising, of course, and we have a long line of experience in how to advertise in a way that injects real returns into your bottom line.

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Advertising: No Longer Limited to Sights and Sounds

You’ve seen the sign in the window of a national sandwich chain, “Free Smells.” Ever catch a whiff of cinnamon rolls in the airport or your local mall? Fashion magazines now include a sample of the latest perfume somehow printed on an insert that allows the reader to apply “Eau du Jour” to their wrist for the day.

A Beverly Hills boutique named Giorgio was one of the first to use “scratch and sniff” technology to entice buyers to purchase a bottle of the real thing after a trial run with the magazine version.

And why not? Countless tests have proven that including as many of the five senses as possible increases recall, identification and response. It’s why we have commercial jingles, why companies spend millions on the perfect words and symbols that sell, and why that guy stands in front of the Japanese lunch place in the mall with a tray of teriyaki chicken on toothpicks.

Moving Online

Even those who claim to be uninfluenced by advertising in general must capitulate to the reality that we all automatically associate that teddy bear with that fabric softener and that tiny lizard with that insurance company. We can’t help it- advertising is designed to stick in our brains.

With people spending increasing amounts of time on their computers and phones, advertising has moved online in a big way. In some ways, the internet is a wide open frontier, a wild west where you can try anything. On the other hand, our brains are still in essence wired like they always were.

Though limited to only a couple of senses, online advertising allows companies to target audiences in a much finer-grained way, to decrease the time between exposure and response, and to dynamically track the effectiveness of any and all messages and media.

The Power of Digital Advertising

United WebWorks is a Savannah Advertising company. We’re a little bit like Amazon in its first stages of growth. What started as an online book selling group has grown into a behemoth of access to just about any product on the planet. We’re not really a webpage producer (although that’s where we start with many clients). We a full service online marketing consultant. We know that your business doesn’t just want a website, you want reach, leads, sales, and more revenue.

Advertising with a website is simply a best practice in your overall marketing plan. There are many more parts to increasing leads and revenue- many of them just happen to be tied into your website, your home base on the internet. Savannah advertising is just a tip of the iceberg of what we do with our clients.

We also believe that your best advertising is anything that creates a positive memory in someone who encounters your business. It could be aggressively persuasive or it could be just a nice moment when a person smiled at a humorous ad you published. In the former case, someone who has done the research and is ready to buy and can’t think of a reason to wait any longer will love that persuasion. The latter will fertilize that seed for a later day when she remembers the smile associated with your company.

Just as important are all the other things you do with prospects, leads and customers. Here in Savannah advertising means friendliness to buyers in every phase of interest. Matching a message to people in different stages of their buying process can be tricky, and we’ve seen it all.

Unite WebWorks Advertising Savannah with a comprehensive approach including web design, content marketing, email marketing, social media, advertising and much more!

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming
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With United WebWorks, you have your very own digital marketing department with certified experts in each of the skills listed below:


We work to develop custom online campaigns that will maximize exposure and reach and drive new prospects towards the desired action.

Website Analytics

Data in itself is useless without analysis. Analytics provide insights and recommendations to monitor and leverage your analytics data.

Lead Generation

Elevate your brand through paid search, and social campaigns, conversion rate optimization strategies, SEO and content marketing.

Website Development

Effective web design is about more than just pretty pictures and clean layout. A well-designed website should be a catalyst for driving leads.

Social Media Management

Through a combination of SM monitoring and interaction and more, you can effectively engage your target base on their own turf.


UWW provides proven (SEO) strategies and tactics to help improve ranking, sales & actions gained from organic search engine traffic.

Email Marketing

We create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience t in efforts to efficiently and effectively engage new customers.


Content Marketing builds communities, inspires engagement and increases rankings via creation and sharing of high quality,  relevant information.

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