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More and more people search the internet EXCLUSIVELY when looking for your products and services. Do you know for certain what words they search? Does your business come up at the top of the list?

How well your site is positioned in these searches will, to a large extent, determine your revenue potential. But there is a lot more to it than just optimizing your site.  What about the local listings (map listings) you see when you search?  Do you want to be at the top of that list too?

What is SEO?  

Search Engine Optimization is a set of ever-changing techniques that web designers use to upgrade a website's position on that crucial first page of search results. It starts with excellent content about the products and services you sell.  Without optimizing your site, search engines will eventually find you and put you in their "index."  While it is possible that this alone will help you get noticed, if you have any kind of competition, it is not likely to happen without help.  

SEO runs on keywords.

These are important words and phrases that are relevant to the content of the page. For example, if your business is bicycles, you might include: bike, parts, wheels, frames, speed, mountain bike, racing bike, bicycle tune-up, tires, etc. 

Search engines use programs called "spiders" or "crawlers" to read and index web pages based on keywords and assigns each one to a category or topic.  A search engine determines that your page belongs in search results about "bicycles" by looking at all the keywords that the spiders found when crawling your site.  You have to be careful though.  If you are selling bicycles in Savannah, GA and only had content about bicycles, you would be competing in searches with EVERYONE in the world selling, fixing or riding bicycles, not just the other bicycle shops. The algorithms used by search engines change constantly and you need to stay on top of these changes in order to maintain your ranking. 

There's no guesswork involved. We carefully research the top keywords in your industry - what they are, how popular they are, and how your competitors are using them. We then diversify your site's keywords to include others that are not as widely used. Lastly, we optimize the most profitable keywords for your location, such as Savannah, GA. The more qualified visitors, the better!

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Savannah Rae's Gourmet Popcorn has been working with United WebWorks for almost a year now and it was one of the best decisions this new business has made!

Our [former] web designer left the site 3/4 of the way finished and I had no idea what SEO even meant. United Webworks finished out the website and explained how everything functioned. About 6 months later we had them work on the SEO and our website traffic has increased by almost 40%. 

 Anything technology-related used to be very intimidating to me but everyone at United Webworks was as patient as they are knowledgeable. Now I feel much more comfortable making small changes to the site on my own. A small business is always changing and with web presence being such an important factor, I know that we will have a long and profitable relationship with United Webworks.

Savannah Rae's Popcorn | United WebWorks
-Jamie and Donna McAllister, Savannah Rae's Gourmet Popcorn